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FIBERLAUNCH™  –  use cases


Especially in the fast growing „fibre to the home“ market it is neccesary to make a lot of measurements a day. There is only one fibre ending at each location. So you have to prepair the OTDR and the launch cable a lot of times. According to our test and experiences this can save you up to 3 minutes per measurement. With 20 measurements that could save you up to one hour of time, technical and human resources per day.

Telecom WAN, MAN:

In this market everyone cares about low losses and high quality connetions. You can not install high quality splice connections and use a not HQ fiber launch cables for measuring. Your work (measurement of splice) seems bad althought only the connector or the fibre of your launch cable is not good enough. Also the return loss plays a impotant role, especially after houndreds of mating cycles. If your launch cable looses quality your measurement loose too.

Field Installation:

FIBERLAUNCH is extremely handy! This will be very helpful if you have to deal with several devices at once. (E.g. splice device, measuring device, assembly tools). You do not even have to carry a box or a case, you simply fix the FIBERLAUNCH at your belt or use the carabiner to fix it at a piece of equipment and both of your hands will be available. This will help you especially at difficultly approachable areas or packed spaces.

High safety/reliability:

Additional to the fully automated unwind-mechanism of our FIBERLAUNCH one can stop and fix the fibre accordingly. You don’t have to take care anymore or waste your time while carefully winding or unwinding the cable by hand. As the unwinding the winding of the cable is automated as well and protects the highly sensitive fibres. Therefore fibres can hardly be buckled or broken anymore and additional safety comes through the steel stiffener.

The FIBERLAUNCH™ is a real high-end device!


flexible – automatic  – fiber optic launch cable

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